Our History

The Christ Apostolic Church (Mount Bethel), Greensboro, North Carolina began in 1995 as a Fellowship of believers at 500 Umstead Drive, Chapel Hill, NC. 27516.  By the following year, Dr. & Mrs. S.A. Adeyemi visited some family friends Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Oyewole in Greensboro.  During our meeting and discussions with the Oyewoles, we asked for the where about of Dr. & Mrs. Adefila. On meeting with the Adefilas, we prayed together. During the course of the prayers the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of the message He gave me for the Yoruba Nation (Oduduwa). 

The Adefilas were instrumental in my delivery of the message to the Oduduwa Club.  The Lord used this medium to bring the Church to Greensboro.  The Church was officially registered in 1996.  The official registered location of the Church was Mr. & Mrs. Wole Bajomo’s residence at 1422 Larson Street, Greensboro, NC. 27407.  The Bajomos housed the Church free of charge for a full year. 

The following year the Church started meeting at S. Elm-Eugene Street.  Two years later, the church moved to Lowdermilk Avenue and stayed there for another three years.  By 2001, the church moved to the Unite Building where the Church leadership started praying and believing God for its own building.   In 2003 the Church purchased the building at 1301 East Wendover Avenue and today we give God the glory for the great things He has done.

Today, the church has been centrally located that it has become haven for the Bethel District of North America.  We are located in North Carolina between Georgia and Maryland that we have to believe the location of the church is divinely planned to fulfill   God’s mandate.

The new site of the Church in Greensboro is presently located at 1528 Phillips Avenue.  This is the District Head Quarter for the entire Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel Fellowship) in North Carolina.

Additionally, Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel Fellowship) now has branches in the Cities of High Point and Charlotte, North Carolina.